Turkey's transformation platform.

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Turkey's transformation platform. In upositive, which brings together the whole personal transformation area, you can find many activities from yoga to breath therapies, and you can discover different products from crystals to books in the upositive Market.


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Project Brief


Market System

In the upositive market system that we have developed, we enable sellers to sell their products in the category of their choice.

  1. Multiple vendors can sell
  2. Unlimited sub-category system
  3. Submission of the created products to the approval of the manager
  4. Like system
Market System


In the developed events module, advisors can create, edit and publish their own events.

  1. Advanced event search system
  2. Updating the price based on the selected fields
  3. Submission of the created events to the approval of the manager
  4. Unlimited sub-category system
  5. Like system

Consultant Application System

Normal kullanıcı kayıt sayfasından farklı ve daha gelişmiş bir şekilde tasarlanan danışman başvuru sayfasında danışmanların ilgili bilgileri bu sayfa üzerinden verilmesi beklenmekte.

  1. Personal Information
  2. Social Media Accounts
  3. Updated fields based on the selected options
  4. Certificates
Consultant Application System
Consultant Management Panel
Consultant Management Panel

Consultant Management Panel

Consultants are able to perform all sorts of actions through control panel that is specifically designed for them.

  1. Profile Management
  2. Product Management
  3. Event Management
  4. Blog Management
  5. Reporting of Sales

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